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Because receiving a traffic citation does not involve the types of consequences of a criminal traffic offense, many people find themselves overlooking or forgetting about the infraction as they go about their busy lives. What these people do not realize is that failure to pay the imposed fine or show up on the designated court date may make matters even worse.

Failure to pay the imposed fine or failure to appear in court can be serious enough to leave lasting consequences, such as the potential suspension of your driving privileges, increase of insurance rates and potential for jail time if you are pulled over for driving on a suspended license.


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Points against your drivers license are typically added for moving violations. While these traffic violations (infractions) typically do not carry the possibility of jail time, they may still carry substantial fines. Traffic violations may also cause your car insurance rates to go up and may result in a driver's license suspension if you have multiple offenses.

Attorney, Anton J. Nace aggressively defends the legal rights of those cited for a traffic violation (infraction), while addressing all related issues that should be taken into consideration when defending your legal rights and driving privileges.

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