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In the criminal legal system, when an individual is arrested, a bond hearing takes place to set the amount of bail. Bail (or surety bond) essentially is an amount of money that is set that the accused must pay for the purpose of ensuring you show up for your court dates. While there are many bail reform movements, this is still the standard for release from incarceration while the accused goes through the criminal legal process.

Generally, the judge will reference the guidelines for specific criminal offenses when determining bond. The prosecution may request the bond be higher than the general guidelines, but must show due cause to have the higher amount of bail to be set. Accordingly, your criminal defense attorney can not only argue against a higher amount of bail to be imposed, but may argue for a lessor amount of bail to be set, or for the accused to be released on his or her own recognizance (often called the “OR” bond or the “ROR” bond).


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Does everyone accused of a crime have bail granted?

Generally, every individual that is accused of a crime is granted the opportunity for bail, however, under certain circumstances, there are occasions then bail is denied. Bail is typically denied in cases where the alleged crime involved extreme violence or the intentional loss of life has occurred, or the judge determines that the party seeking bail is a threat to the public.

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