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We have all seen the videos of people pouring water on, cussing at and showing a lack of respect for law enforcement officers. It has become a YouTube and social media craze. Our advice... DON'T. A few seconds on social media could end up leading to your arrest.

If a law enforcement officer is placing you or another individual under arrest, any non-violent action that interferes with a police officer who is performing a legitimate action related to law enforcement is considered resisting arrest without violence or obstruction of justice.

Take note of the beginning of the description: "any non-violent action." This leaves a wide latitude for law enforcement to charge you with resisting arrest without violence or obstruction of justice.

Because of the subjective nature of resisting arrest without violence, if charged, you may be best served by hiring an experienced criminal defense attorney, who will aggressively challenge the resisting arrest without violence, obstruction of justice, or other related criminal charges you are facing.


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While less subjective than resisting arrest without violence, resisting arrest with violence is not a slam dunk conviction. You have rights that must be protected.

Under Florida law, willfully resisting and obstructing an arresting officer by committing an act of violence towards the officer is resisting arrest with violence. Resisting arrest with violence may also be charged if the accused verbally threatens an act of violence against the law enforcement officer.

When arrested, it is not uncommon for specific officers to have a very high rate of an added resisting arrest with or without violence charge compared to his or her fellow officers. Make sure your rights and freedoms are protected, contact our law office today!

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If you have been arrested or charged with a crime and resisting arrest has been added to the charges against you, speak to an experienced criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible.

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